Past Events


Fireside Chat with Raed Hafez

Given the impact of the current pandemic on the economy as a whole and on employment opportunities, many have been considering leaping into entrepreneurship.If this resonates with you and you are wond  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneur University Final Pitch

The TYE-U initiative enhances the learning objectives of aspiring student entrepreneurs globally through the creation and presentation of business pitches for new business ventures.We invite you to co  … READ MORE

Is The Future Of Retail Changing Forever?

As we emerge from this crisis, most retailers are being forced to search for new strategies to boost footfall and improve leisure time within their facilities.The good news is that retail destinations  … READ MORE

1:1 PR & Communications Strategy Clinic

Are you an entrepreneur? Startup? Small Business? Is your companys comms strategy in place? Are you struggling with the marketing and communication plans? Want to speak to an expert who knows better?   … READ MORE

The Rise Of Social Commerce, Selling Through Social Media Legally

Amidst the pandemic, social selling is gaining ground. Whether you are looking to set up your own platform or interested in the legalities that come with it, this insightful session will provide:An ov  … READ MORE

Power Up Your Business With Ideas & Passion

For entrepreneurs who want to make an impact in the world of business with ideas and passion in the new normal meet this curated panel of impactful women entrepreneurs and investors. Get insights, lea  … READ MORE

How To Best Override The Current Market

An interactive session on how businesses can manage their short term working capital whilst positioning for growth and opportunities. This session will help you understand The current market environme  … READ MORE

One to One Funding Strategy Clinic

Are you an entrepreneur? Startup? Small Business? Are you trying to raise funds? Want to speak to an expert who knows better? Register for the Funding Strategy Consulting with Kushal Shah.This is a 1  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneurs-University Champion Pitch 2020

We are pleased to inform you that the online pitchfor the local TiE Young Entrepreneur University Championwill be conducted via zoom on Thursday June 25, 2020.The TYE-U initiative enhances the learnin  … READ MORE

Journey The Silk Route: Its Past, Present & Future

TiE Dubai in association with TiE Melbourne and TiE Islamabad announces its forthcoming event on the The Journey of the Silk Road. The Silk Road, an ancient trade route across much of Asia and Europe  … READ MORE

Surviving & Thriving In A Post-COVID World

The nature of work and operations is undergoing unprecedented shifts in the current situation. Creating a secure and flexible foundation for your business in an age of uncertainty is vital. TiE Dubai   … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Mentorship Class of Summer 2021

We are pleased to inform you that applications are now open for the TiE Dubai Mentorship Program Class of Summer 2021.This initiative matches eligible Startup Founders of businesses that meet the min  … READ MORE

Understanding Economic Substance Regulation (ESR)

The UAE Economic Substance Regulations ESR are now in force from January 1, 2020. The regulations apply to UAE onshore and free zone companies, branches, partnerships, and other UAE business forms ref  … READ MORE

Understanding Freelancing

The pandemic has had broad implications and put several people at risk of unemployment and challenged job security for many. This TiE Hustle event will help you to understand freelancing as an option   … READ MORE

TiE Hustle: Getting Started With Digital Marketing

Ideas For Discovering Opportunities OnlineThe pandemic has had broad implications and put several people at risk of unemployment and challenged job security for many.ThisTiE Hustlewebinar will enable   … READ MORE

TiE Talks: What Is The Future Of Work?

The nature of work is undergoing major shifts by various forces.As we experience an unprecedented economic metamorphosis and a realignment of our social construct, TiE Dubai has put together some of t  … READ MORE

Changing Your Lens, All The Answers Lie Within

Saahil Mehta will be sharing a four-step decluttering process to overcome mental overload.Decluttering the Material World, Knowing what you really NEED to liveDecluttering the Body, Creating greater F  … READ MORE

Future of Money. Will Cash Become Redundant?

This panel will look into the future of money to explore and understand how cash becoming redundant will morph for people and businesses. Not a new conversation but under the current climate more rele  … READ MORE

Importance of Intellectual Property (IP) For Businesses

Intellectual Property IP is arguably one of the most important aspects that lead to a companys success. Having a good understanding of IP and taking the proper steps to protect your companys IP will h  … READ MORE

Will Digital Crush Traditional Entertainment ?

As millions get used to the new normal of lockdown life, our digital lives may never be the same again and theFuture of Entertainmentis up for debate.Traditional entertainment typically relied on crow  … READ MORE

1:1 Strategy Consultation

Dr. Manoj Nakrawill be leading your session. He comes with over forty years of work experience and has led organizations for the last twenty years. He is a co-founder in Caydre and SmartGlobal Solutio  … READ MORE

MENA Startups: Leveling The Playing Field

To level the playing field in the region is an ongoing effort, so that there is equal opportunity to funding, talent and support for everyone.Microsoft for Startups and TiE Dubai bring you this sessio  … READ MORE

Staying Healthy In Body & Mind

A special session on keeping a Healthy Body and a sane head in these trying times of isolation. As a Founder, Business Owner and Entrepreneur, you need to make sure you come out of it Safe and Healthy  … READ MORE

Using Microsoft Teams – Demo, Features + Q&A

With Covid-19 and lockdown continuing to impact everyone around the world, using effective and possibly multiple tools, is essential for keeping business continuity efficient and smooth.TiE Dubai alon  … READ MORE

Webinar: Using Zoom Effectively – Demo, Features, Q&A

Staying connected is vital now. Whether it be with your business partners, employees, clients or to conduct online events and webinars. Zoom has it all covered. Zoom helps customers use a full spectru  … READ MORE

Navigating Business Continuity : A Legal Perspective

Understanding current risks businesses are facing and building constructive engagement around ways to mitigate these or even prevent these from a practical and legal perspective are vital now. The ses  … READ MORE

COVID-19 And Force Majeure

Our next event for Charter Members and selected employees within their organization will cover the following aspects.Part I – Introduction 1 What is Force Majeure – Comparing Impossibility with Mere H  … READ MORE

Online Workshop: How To Work With And Manage Employees Remotely

As the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies around the world into a work from home WFH mode regardless whether they were prepared or not, and whether virtual collaboration was on their strategic ag  … READ MORE

Future of Work

The nature of work is undergoing major shifts, driven by various forces from technological developments to demographic realities.In combination with global environmental shifts, changing socio-economi  … READ MORE

Emotional Balance at the Work Place

Growth, Happiness & Purpose! For eons now, humans have pursued these overarching themes.In business, we are most often driven by a Quest for Profit, a Desire for Recognition or a Yearning for Meaning.  … READ MORE

TiE Young Entrepreneur University Champion

Creating Young Entrepreneurs at Colleges and Universities GloballyApply Now, Compete locally to Pitch your Idea to Investors in Silicon Valley for a 10,000 Cash Prize.We are pleased to inform you that  … READ MORE

How to Present Your Business To Secure Interest and Investment

The startup ecosystem in the region is growing at a very fast pace. The rise of innovative young businesses and ingenious founders behind them is attracting a lot of investor attention and confidence.  … READ MORE

Cyber Security Strategies, Trends, Entrepreneurial Opportunities into 2020

With cybersecurity posing an increasing challenge more than ever with reports of regular large-scale breaches and loss of confidential and financial information, it is increasingly important for both   … READ MORE

Can Startups / Small Businesses Resolve Disputes Easily ?

Dispute resolution has traditionally been envisaged as an expensive and arduous affair.This panel discussion seeks to debate the dispute resolution forums available to startups, small and medium busin  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Mentorship Sustainability Class of 2020 powered by HSBC

We are pleased to inform you that applications are now open for the TiE Dubai Mentorship Program Sustainability Class of Fall 2020 powered by HSBC.TiE Dubai, in conjunction with HSBC, has launched a   … READ MORE

Founders and Investors: Legal Risks

Partnering up with other individuals to expand your business is becoming quite common. Such individuals commonly known as investors bring with them investment, expertise or other assets which makes th  … READ MORE

An Analysis of Digital Transformation Across Sectors

Powerful forces are re-shaping the across on digital.Customer expectations, technological capabilities, regulatory requirements, demographics and economics are together creating an imperative to chang  … READ MORE

Building Reputations in a Social World

Reputation always matter. A good reputation help sales, while a bad reputation can stop it. Making or breaking a reputation has never been easier, thanks to the ubiquity of social media and universal   … READ MORE

Finance Workshop: How to Understand and Manage Business Risks

Small Businesses can find it hard to manage their business risks efficiently while working on the core business and other aspects. This workshop will cover the following under Risk Management What is   … READ MORE

The Reality Check for VAT for Small Businesses

Small Businesses can find it hard to manage their finances efficiently while working on the core business and other aspects. This workshop will give a reality check of VAT in UAE and cover the followi  … READ MORE

Storytelling for Successful Sales Transactions

Storytelling appeals to the human side of work. Basically, it means telling stories instead of just listing facts. Good stories engage better. They also stick longer in your audiences mind.Through thi  … READ MORE

Legal Workshop: Getting Investors Onboard, Term Sheets, Share/Asset Sale or Purchase

Investors provide money to scale up, experience and skills to grow your business in exchange for an equity stake or future return. Strategic investors can also bring in significant goodwill. Whilst br  … READ MORE

Legal Workshop: Importance of Terms Between Cofounders/Partners 

Founders Agreements set out the relationship between founders of businesses whilst clearly establishing each co-founders roles and responsibilities. Having an agreement avoids conflict and confusion b  … READ MORE

Fund Raising for your tech Startup? Learn how.

TiE Hustle in partnership with VentureSouq and InvesthusiastsSession 1: Jon Santillan, Founder & CEO, Denarii Cash Jon will share his entrepreneurial journey building Denarii, a mobile platform enabli  … READ MORE

Join hands in spreading smiles

In the spirit of Ramadan, TiE Dubai is partnering with Classic Catering to feed labourers during this blessed season.With the help of volunteers, thousands of meals are prepared and distributed daily   … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Legal Workshop 1 – The Importance of a NDA

Non-disclosure Agreements are an important legal framework used to protect sensitive and confidential information from being made available by the recipient of that information. Companies and Startups  … READ MORE

The rise of Social Commerce

Social Selling is more than a buzzword and has been proven to increase company revenue by at least 16 Aberdeen Group Impact of Social Selling.What is social selling and how does it work?Are companies  … READ MORE

Mentoring the Mentor

Before we launch the mentoring Class of 2020 under the TiE Mentorship Program, we are pleased to invite you to our special Charter Member event, Mentoring the Mentor.Led by the highly experienced Char  … READ MORE


Middle Easts premier entrepreneurship event, TiE Dubai Summit 2019 brings together the brightest minds from all over the world, including entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, thought leaders and k  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Summit Startup Clinic

As part ofTiE Dubai Summitfor the 12thMarch agenda, TiEis proud to be hosting a Start-Up Clinic. This initiative allows entrepreneurs to book privateconsultations with industry expertsto diagnose the   … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Summit Registration for Charter Members

The upcoming TiE Dubai Summit 2019 is the Middle Easts premier entrepreneurship event, it brings insight and motivation from the brightest minds in business across the world.The summit built under the  … READ MORE

We Got Funded.

Finding investors to fund your tech business is one of the most difficult challenges that an entrepreneur faces.A number of entrepreneurs are entering the market yearly, making it all the more difficu  … READ MORE

Entrepreneurship: an Opportunity for Youth Employment

Join mbc GROUPandTiE Dubaito hear an exciting panel of millennialentrepreneurs andcatalystsfrom the region who drive forward opportunities that focus on youth employment. Entrepreneurs not only create  … READ MORE

How I Built This. Regional Success Stories.

How areGreatBusinesses built?JoinOpen DiversityandTiE Dubaifor an informative panel discussion with leaders who have launched businesses in the region as well as experienced investors andadvisors, hav  … READ MORE

Navigating through the maze of Online Payments

While we move towards a cashless society that can enable any purchase online, merchants and consumers expect a seamless experience while transacting.Is it a seamless experience while setting up your p  … READ MORE

#xtalk : Insourcing v/s Outsourcing – the Entrepreneurial dilemma

Expanding the team is a crucial step in a start-ups journey. Do you take a leap of faith and hire directly or do you use an outsource agency to get the skills you need to grow?Our panel of experts fro  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Lounge @GITEX

We are delighted to inform you thatwe will be present once again this year at GITEX withtheTiE DubaiLoungeLOCATION: Zabeel Hall 4, near the Investor Lounge Gitex Future Stars AreaGITEX DATE & TIMIMGS1  … READ MORE

Xtalk: Are online sales disrupting traditional F&B businesses?

The trade model of F&B Business is evolving at such a drastic pace, where the traditional path of setting up a shop is being threatened. The boom of online business is transforming the landscape, from  … READ MORE

Workshop – Customer Acquisition: creating the value proposition

it will be a hands-on workshop, simulating setting up a new business, creating 3-5 year plans. GrowMe have developed a new gamification tool based on some good ones already available and will be using  … READ MORE

Workshop – Are you ready for the next 2 quarters of 2018?

This will be a hands-onworkshops in groups of 4 with a maximum of 20-24 persons. This workshop will explore business models and creating scenarios and what people need to revisit for growth in the las  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Charter Member World Cup Viewing

Charter Member World Cup Viewing  … READ MORE

Charter Member Suhoor

TiE Dubai Charter Member Suhoor  … READ MORE

Success from Failure

They say that failure is a great teacher and entrepreneurs go through many ups and downs on their journey to success.What distinguishes good entrepreneurs is that they learn quickly from their failure  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Charter Member Breakfast

TiE Dubai Charter Members Breakfast Meet Up  … READ MORE

TiECon Dubai 2018: Charter Member Registration

An opportunity to be a part of the Dubai edition of the worlds largest entrepreneurship event series. TiECon Dubai is an exclusive invitation-only entrepreneurship convention, featuring an exceptiona  … READ MORE

Partner – TiECon Dubai 2018

TiECon Dubai is an exclusive invitation-only entrepreneurship convention, featuring an exceptional array of international speakers, taking place in Dubai Internet City on April 18, 2018.One of the key  … READ MORE

Register – TiECon Dubai 2018

TiECon Dubai is an exclusive invitation-only entrepreneurship convention, featuring an exceptional array of international speakers, taking place in Dubai Internet City. One of the key gatherings of th  … READ MORE

Guest – TiECon Dubai 2018

TiECon Dubai is an exclusive invitation-only entrepreneurship convention, featuring an exceptional array of international speakers, taking place in Dubai Internet City on April 18, 2018.One of the key  … READ MORE

Exclusive TiE Dubai Charter Member Event with Pramod Dsouza

The session is about Investing in Tech Startups in India and will be conducted by Pramod Dsouza, Co-Founder Eagle10Ventures, Angel Investor, Member of Kanara Entrepreneurs Bangalore chapter who will b  … READ MORE

#xtalk: Influencers or Influenza

Influencers are the talk of marketing teams globally. But for every Influencer that has contributed to the success of brands and community, there are those that havent. Moderated by Alex Malouf, we a  … READ MORE

Scaling Up

One ambition for every entrepreneur is to grow their business but other than getting financed, the process of scaling up as they grow can be fraught with challenges.On December 11TiE Dubai isinviting   … READ MORE

An Exclusive Evening with Dr. Suhas Patil

Dear Charter Member, It is our pleasure and great honor to invite you for an exclusive evening with Dr. Suhas Patil on Wednesday November 8, 2017 at 18:30 in The Library of the Radisson Blu Hotel Dub  … READ MORE

VAT Questions Answered

There are still a lot of questions and clarifications pending but one thing is certain: VAT will be applied come 1 January 2018. Registrations have already begun and while a large chunk of the legisla  … READ MORE

Fireside Chat with Akram Miknas

As businesses need to differentiate and raise their voices in the digital space, we need to learn lessons from some of the stalwarts in the industry who have built, sustained and grown exponentially.T  … READ MORE

Growth Hacking Today

Join us as we share learnings and insights on powerful storytelling that converts, whether youre a start-up aimed and hungry for growth or a brand stuck in a conundrum of what it means to be relevant   … READ MORE

Ethical Marketing

While most small businesses do not invest in PR when they should, most do use marketing to promote themselves. With social media and digital options, not to mention an overriding need to raise our pro  … READ MORE

Working with VAT

With the much discussed topic on Value Added Tax VAT set to happen next year,join TiE Dubai explore and analyse how it will affect SMEs. We will be joined by our partners at Emirates Chartered Account  … READ MORE

Annual TiE Dubai Ramadan Networking Iftar

Ramadan Kareem!On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan we would like to invite you to join us for our Annual Ramadan Networking Iftar.We look forward to seeing you and get this chance to network   … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Iftar BoD Meeting

TiE Dubai Board of Directors Monthly Meeting  … READ MORE

TiE Dubai Charter Member Dinner Meeting

Dear TiE Dubai Charter Members,Looking forward to seeing you all.Regards,Deepak Padmanabhan  … READ MORE